Ontario Marijuana To Be Taxed Higher With Special Levy?

Did you know the Mayor in Toronto, Canada wants the city in the Province of Ontario to add a “special levy” because he believes marijuana legalization will add extra costs to the city.

I thought taxing cannabis in Ontario at the normal rates would offset any extra costs. We actually don’t think there will be any extra costs and the costs to run the city of Toronto will actually decrease will less violence. And we’re about top see increased tourist spending at hotels and restaurants. Even the airports should get busier in Canada as travellers may choose Canada airports as a preferred transfer hub for layovers as they may want to get high in a country with legal weed before flying home or onwards to their destination. Snow birds may op to stay in Canada instead of spending their money in the Caribbean. Do you think a higher cannabis tax is fair? Let us know and leave your feedback now.

Police Chief and RCMP Flip-Flop Cannabis Opinion

The former Police Chief who used to cry out against Marijuana in Ontario now heads up a cannabis company called Aleafia with former RCMP deputy commissioner, presently the company’s president and CEO.

Ontario Seeds

Only The Province Ontario Has Passed It’s Marijuana Law

Only the Province Ontario has passed it’s marijuana law and the rest are at different stages. 30 Grams of dried cannabis is the  federally-mandated public possession limit. Quebec and Alberta want to allow you more than 30 grams at home. Every province except Manitoba maintains the weed toking age of majority to be the same with current drinking ages.

Ontario Home Grown Weed Restrictions

Bill C-45 has Ontario home grown weed restrictions. Individuals can only grow up to four plants for their own personal consumption. Edible are currently off the table to sell. But you can make your own edibles at home for your own use.

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